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山形の空の下 Under The Sky Of Yamagata Ellena R. Landara

山形の空の下 Under The Sky Of Yamagata

Ellena R. Landara

Published April 2014
103 pages
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 About the Book 

Ellena Landara (born in 1987 in Riga, Latvia) is the author of the sci-fi novel The Field Of Digital Forget Me Nots and the founder of Karneola.lv, a website for young writers. Started language and literature studies in humanities class in high school. Went to University of Latvia to study Japanese and since then has been in love with the language and culture of Japan.Ellenas first novel THE FIELD OF DIGITAL FORGET ME NOTS is a sci-fi story about a girl who one day realizes she does not know anything about her world- she has been lied to since childhood. It is a story about family ties, friendship and love in a dark, unfamiliar world where you cant trust anyone- not even yourself.This novel recieved an award in the YA writers contest in 2011 and was published by the lead publishing house of Latvia- Zvaigzne ABC.She has also published a short essey in the International Students Book of students from Yamagata University, where Ellena has been studying for the past two years and filmed a TV commercial for Yamagata.Ellena eats books and her favorite authors include Neil Gaiman, John Green, Umberto Eco, Ema Tooyama, Io Sakisaka, Imans Ziedonis, Austra Skujiņa and many others.When Ellena is not writing, she is singing and playing her guitar or taking part in various writer and TV projects.Ellena is currently is living in Japan, Yamagata and working on her new novels and stories.